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Puerto Madryn, the whales hometown in Argentina in Argentina

By Mariel Lizana, journalist

Puerto Madryn is a wonderful place, located in the Atlantic Patagonia, Argentina and the entrance to the amazing Peninsula Valdes. This city was founded in 1865 by a colony from Wales, and for years was an industrial town, with railway and harbor activities. After close of the factories, Puerto Madryn starts to develop its enormous touristic attractive and becomes the home of the wonderful frank whale.

Year after year, thousands of frank whales arrive to Puerto Madryn coast to breed and take care of their offsprings. From June until December, the visitors can meet and amaze with these water giants, with more than 12 meters of longitude and 50 tons of weight.

One of the greatest spectacles of the world is to watch the incredible jumps of frank whales in the ocean and how they play with their offspring. In Puerto Madryn the visitors can find boat excursions which lead to the ocean, to experience the sensation of being beside these enormous animals.

The best place for enjoying of frank whales is Doradillo beach, located 17 kilometers away from Puerto Madryn. The deep waters of its bay allow the whales to stay close to the coast and the visitors can see them from the shores. Another observatory is Punta Flecha, located in the cliffs of the zone.

Puerto Piramides is another attraction of Puerto Madryn. It is located at Golfo Nuevo, 100 kilometers away from the city. The name of this port is given by the pyramidal shape of its rocks and cliffs. This is another important place to observe frank whales during their mating time. Puerto Piramides is also the only town with inhabitants on Peninsula Valdes, and was named Patrimony of Humanity by UNESCO in 1999.

Peninsula Valdes is a natural reserve in many aspects. The erosion in its landscape let us see marine animal fossils that used to live in this zone and the current cliffs are now the habitat of hundreds of species which nest on Puerto Madryn, such as penguin colonies, sea lions, marine elephants, cormorants and many others.

Puerto Madryn has many places for enjoying nature, discovering wonderful animals or relaxing on its five kilometers of coast and its seven beaches. One of is zones is Punta Tombo, which is the shelter of a huge Magellan penguin colony. Here, these marine birds create their nests, take care of their offspring and feed themselves swimming on the ocean.

Another great place to watch the fauna of the zone is Punta Loma, the shelter of a colony of sea lions. This was the first natural reserve of Puerto Madryn, created to protect the environment of these animals.

For its beautiful landscapes and the presence of its incredible fauna, Puerto Madryn is the perfect place for the lovers of nature, who want to relax in an almost unexplored land, with many of charms and adventures.

Puerto Madryn is also the ideal zone for nautical sports like kayak and scuba diving, where the visitors can discover the riches of the marine soil and its fauna. Besides, there are many interesting paths and cliffs for trekking, sandtrekking and other excursions.


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