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Baritú National Park in Argentina

The Baritu National Park is located in the Salta province, in northeast Argentina, only 35 kilometers from the citys civic center. It was created to preserve a group of cloud-jungles in the area, which remain pure thanks to the protection set by the government when it created the park.

The ecosystem in the park is still fragile, but it has managed to grow and stay alive since the parks creation in 1974. Species living there are atypical of the so-called "cloud-jungle" and they include several species in danger of extinction, such as the jaguar, the snow leopard, the mountain fox, the pecarí, the coati, the mayuato (a bear similar to an otter), and the cai monkey.

Other animals are the yapú, a bird that looks like a thrash, and the water blackbird. There are several types of toads and frogs, as well as bats that feed on fish and insects that live near the water.

When it comes to vegetation, the Park includes small forests and a few pastures. In humid places you can find horco molles and güilli, as well as tipas, pacaráes and cochucos, all of them are native bushes. In the area you can also see a type of climbing plant called "maroma", which grows wrapped around other trees until it is strong enough to live on its own, with its root firmly buried under the Salta ground.

The Park also features mountains that are over two thousand meters high, amongst which are Las Parvas and Cerro Negro Hills. Besides the enormous rocky formations, you can find several bodies of water, such as rivers, streams and lagoons, where several types of fish live -some carnivorous even- as well as mammals and amphibious animals in their surroundings.

The most important rivers are the Porongal, Lipeo and Pescado, which flows into the Bermejo River. In this river that ends directly in the National Park, introducing new species and beauty all around it. There, you can spend time trying out several water related activities, such as fly fishing and swimming, although it is recommended not to go too into the water and finding out about the conditions of the river or lake you will be visiting (due to the animals that live there, considering some of them are carnivorous).

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