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El Palmar National Park in Argentina

In the Salta province you can find Los Cardones National Park, known world-wide because it features the Calchaquies Valleys in its interior. This geographic area is about 530 kilometers big in the province, where you can see diverse flora and fauna, as well as beautiful views of Argentinean landscapes.

In the middle of the pre-puna in Argentina, the park shows semi-arid territory, where you can see several species of cacti and dry bushes. Between native vegetation you can discover animals of harsh shields or fur, perfect to survive really low temperatures by night and high ones in daytime. Some of those animals are the red fox, chinchillas, guanacos, eagles, condors, mountain parrots and trouts in the rivers of the area.

Nearby towns survive thanks to shepherding, agriculture and tourism. One of the most unique sightings is the drying of red peppers, which is done in the ground of the region, all over town, and then the result of the process is turned into paprika.

Tradition meets tourism when you get to go on excursions to nearby towns in the Valleys, where you can see how people in Salta live, a simple life that is done close to the environment. You can also visit archeological ruins, where you can see vestiges of the first people who lived there and really see the richness of the place.

Other places to visit are Valle Encantado (Enchanted or Charmed Valley), Erizados and Mount Obispo, as well as Cerrillos, Chata and Chicoana. In all of these places you can see wonderful sceneries, where colors change throughout the day, creating beautiful postcards for you to take home in your mind and in your photographic camera.

Because of its geography, Los Cardones National Park offers sports and activities for everybody, with excursions and visits to vineyards, observation of nature that you can immortalize in photographs and horseback rides for the more traditional visitors, while the more adventurous ones can choose between water and mountain activities.

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