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Lanín National Park in Argentina

Located in the Neuquen province, Lanin National Park is almost 380 thousand hectares long, where a fragile ecosystem tries to survive climatic changes and the hurtful hand of men.

It was created in 1937 to preserve the ecosystem and the natural landscapes, considering there are several species of flora that only grow in this part of Argentina (pehuén, lanín, pellín oak and rauli are some of them). The park was named as Lanin, a word in mapudungun (mapuche people tongue) that means "dead rock".

Besides the beautiful forests, in the Park you can find animal species. The Pudu is the most looked for by all visitors; the smallest deer in the world lives in the southern hemisphere, and can be found in Chile and Argentina only.

Lanin is popular amongst those who enjoy adventure activities, because it includes several mountains, rivers, glaciers, forests and lakes, where you can practice dozens of sports out in the open.

The biggest mountain is Lanin, with 3776 meters above sea level, although it is possible to visit and climb other mountains that are part of the Andes Mountain Range.

The park also includes twenty-four lakes formed by the action of glaciers, and others that flow into the Atlantic. The only exception is Lacar River, which ends in the Pacific Ocean, through the Hua Hum River.

So you can visit this park and practice mountain climbing, hiking, trekking, swimming, boat sailing, ice trekking, fly fishing, kayak, canoe, excursions, camping, observation of flora and fauna, amongst many other things.

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